When it comes to writing a resume. The first thing that comes to mind is to highlight the qualifications and skills and abilities that a particular student possesses. Students often get confused about how they can enhance their achievement section so that it becomes attractive and easily noticeable. The main thing that comes across is that they don't know what criteria should be mentioned. It drives them to seek professional CV writing services to obtain the ideal resume.

Why Do You Need an Achievements Section on Your Resume?

Accomplishments signify to the employer that employees have the skills required for the job. It briefly explains the educational knowledge that can match the company's requirements. It is the only way to make the skills visible in the eyes of employers. Sometimes students want to make their resume look the best but don't know how to go about it. It makes them seek the best CV writing help services to benefit from the expertise of professionals.

Students at UK universities frequently go through the process of creating their resumes and entering the zone of landing their dream job. So they search for the top CV writers in UK to get assistance for their dream job.

Top 5 Suggestions

These are the top 4 suggestions that will help the scholars understand how to write the achievements section perfectly. Look at the information and try to make the resume more interesting because the majority of scholars tend to forget the lacking areas they need to focus.These are the table of contents students should look and make their resume an interesting one.

  • Try to Highlight the Main Information 
  • Include the Reward Section First
  • Strategies Implemented in the Previous Company 
  • Brief Information on Special Projects
  • Include Work Experience as a Core Part

Try to Highlight the Main Information 

While writing the resume, the main thing that comes into play is highlighting the main points of the achievements that a particular employer wants. It is a kind of section which should include brief pointers on the skills and abilities that can make a resume engaging and noticeable. It is that part of the resume which should be the focal point of the scholars who need their efforts and hard work to reach these heights.

Inculde the Appraisal Section First

While making a CV, the first thing that comes across is how many appraisals a particular employee has received. It is a unique and focused aspect of a scholar's life because it tells the employer that the specific work they have done is the best and with how much efficiency they have completed their projects. It clearly shows the employer what criteria a specific accomplishment meets. 

Strategies Implemented in the Previous Company 

It involves the section of the strategies and the implementation done by an employer in his previous company that can add value to them. They can mention the rules or important methods they have applied in the organization for future improvement. It is the main factor that should be included in the resume; it tells the person reading the CV that this particular employer has good thinking skills and a strategic mind to perform the activities. It is the focal point for many scholars that how they can implement the strategies to show the employer the key skills they want.

Brief Information on Special Projects

Try to include a majority of the information related to special projects that a student has worked. It tells so much about the student's abilities like how he/she has worked on the projects and what key skills they can add to the organisation's goals and vision. This specific section can include the industry or brand projects experience which they have in the past.

Include Work Experience as a Core Part

The main aspect that comes into play is the employee's work experience so that the employer can directly connect with and understand what a particular employee wants to say. Work experience becomes essential because it tells how much knowledge and what kind of work someone has done at their previous company. It is the required point that should be taken seriously because the major scholars forget to mention the essential highlights of their work experience, due to which their performance gets lowered and they will not be able to get their dream job.


The mentioned suggestions will help the scholars understand how they can enhance their achievements section while making a resume. It is an essential aspect that should be considered seriously because the first thing an employer notices is the skills and abilities a student has and their accomplishments. However, they sometimes find the resume-writing process difficult, this makes them seek professional CV-writing service platforms to land their dream job.